Thursday, January 6, 2011

Poffertjes hmm... Simply Yummy

Poffertjes (sebut pofferces) is a traditional and perhaps most popular Dutch food. Basically it is called Dutch mini pancakes as it resembles small fluffy pancakes about the size of 50 cent. These yummy poffertjes are made using a mixture of buckwheat flour and normal flour added with yeast, milk and egg and cooked using a special pan with small shallow indentations in it. Traditionally it is served hot with a slice of butter and powdered sugar. The taste of melted butter and the powdered sugar on the freshly cooked poffertjes is simply heaven. Though you will find ready-made poffertjes sold in supermarkets, the taste of the freshly made ones sold by the local stalls at the markets is much, much better hmmmm... simply yummy.

10 pieces for 2 euro

Take a generous slice of butter, the more the better.... :D

Poffertjes stall at the market with the big pan...

Poffertjes batter, hmm... they eat them with nuttela as well it seems

The history of poffertjes is linked to a Dutch Abbey during the time of the French Revolution. Due to a shortage of wheatflour, the batter was made using the buckwheat flour resulting in a thicker and tastier pancakes (need to check more on this history)

Though it is traditionally served with butter and powdered sugar, other toppings like cream, strawberry, jam and chocolate sauce are niet verboden (not forbidden). But, reading one of the comment from a Dutch reader in one of the website, it may have been a British interpretation! But for us, we like it the traditional way :D


iina said...

wah menarik.. cam kaya ball yg jual kat mesia tuh.. kalau buat sendiri lagik meriah topping ye kan ;)

I amsterdam said...

Hi iina!!

Duk pikir juga pasal kaya ball ni... tapi kalau x salah kaya ball pan tu ada penutup kan? Ala-ala wafle maker gitu? But the taste is different.. Rasa-rasanya kaya ball ni asalnya dari mana? Dulu masa kecik tak ada pun benda ni :)

Syigim said...

LOVE this post! geramnya tgk fluffy pancakes tu, i mmg hantu pancake. penah tiap2 hari asyik buat pancake je for bfast, pancake for teatime..

tgk pulak melted butter tu....yummmmmmmm

pls, more posting on interesting yummies over there ya! :D

I amsterdam said...

Hi Syigim,

TQ for dropping by :)

If you are hantu pancake, then poffertjes are really for you. Funny enough the Dutch do not eat them for breakfast!!

Nana said...

Hi I amsterdam!
The Poffertjes sure looked yummy!!
Dan tebalnya butter tu. And they are so generous with the powdered sugar too! Camana nak diet kat sana yek? But it sure looks tasty. Yum yum...:)

Cheqna said...

nasib baik ada yang mention a bit like kaya ball...padahal baru beli dgn my nieces masa kat kampung recently...

but may be its an acquired taste, tak lah berapa suka...or may be bcos of d fillings, mcm2..and also bcos tak garing..hehehe..


Cat-in-Sydney said...

Poffertjes? Did someone mention poffertjes? It's getting more common in Sydney now. Though minus the butter. I love mine with honey.....yummmmm.....purrr....meow!

TK said...

Ye la cam Kaya ball. Mesti sedap yg dutch version punya. Kat sana mesti letak byk butter and milk. Kat sini tak berapa sedap sbb tak lemak. Used to like it so much. Now dah give up mencari yg betul2 sedap. Selalu beli tak sedap :(

I amsterdam said...

Dear Nana,

Forget your diet!!! Let's dig into poffertjes hmmmm... sedap.

Btw, Dutch consume the most dairy products in the world. They drink milk all the time, maybe that's why they are tall people, but they cycle a lot too... that's how most of them move around, maybe that's how they diet??

I amsterdam said...

Dear Cheqna,

Baru2 ni I balik pun makan juga kaya ball tu, tapi x sedap juga... I wonder why... tapi baunya memang mengancam!

I amsterdam said...

Dear Cats,

Poffertjes yumm.. yumm..

I think poffertjes are getting popular in Aussy, becoz when I googled on the history of it the other day, I ended up in webs from Australia!!!

I amsterdam said...

Yeah TK,

I used to like kaya ball too, but now it's not tasty anymore. Perhaps they use more sugar and oil instead of butter.

Poffertjes sure beat kaya ball anytime!!

Hanis MY said...

i have no idea how to pronounce it hehe... what should i call u sis? terima kasih sudi kunjung balik... lurve all the pictures u posted here...awesome!

I amsterdam said...

Hi Hanis,

Pronounce it the way we speak Malay "pofferces", the two e pronounced like "beruang" atau "beruk" :D (what a comparison!! sorry !

Ohh just call me by my glam name iamsterdam har..har..har.. or if u think that's too tiring for your fingers, IA will do.

Btw, you are a very young lecturer!!