Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gulai Rebung Hutan Beserta Udang

What would I give right now to be able to eat sayur manis rebung hutan (wild bamboo shoot?) mixed with daun asin-asin and sweet potatoes.... aarghh.... pure bliss... I love it so much and even DS learned to love this simple kampung dish. Last summer when we were back home, I introduced him to this hard to find in KL dish and he was hooked. Whenever we had the dish, he would only eat rice with the sayur and nothing else!!! I'm happy that DS love it, it's the only vegetable that he really love with the exception of soya bean stripes!!!

Instead of the watery dish, we had to be satisfied with this.....

Gulai rebung hutan dan udang

Well, I should thank my lucky star that I found the canned bamboo a few months ago. I never realised their existence before when we were in Amsterdam. I almost jumped with glee when I accidently came across it....yuhuuu.... one of my favourite!!! Of course I had to call dear Mak asking her how to make gulai rebung (wild bamboo curry). I never cook the dish when we were back home, we only ate it when we went back north. As for DH, he had never eaten it in his life!!! He only learned to eat the dish when we married and he too love it :D

Canned wild bamboo shoot (WBS)

So last week, we had WBS curry mixed with prawn again, together with simple grilled lamb for dinner.

The uncut tips

The grilled lamb with onion and tomatoes

And for the first time, DS ate the rice with only the shoots and a little bit of gravy and nothing else, not the prawn and not even the lamb !!! He missed the watery vegetable dish so much he...he...


Cat-in-Sydney said...

Mother of Ilham,
Woohoo! Sedap hingga menjilat jari ye? We also put wild bamboo shoot in whenever we cook Thai red curry. Mama is now craving for umbut kelapa....she's trying to coax family members to sacrifice a coconut tree for her. purrr....meow!

i amsterdam said...

Now now Angelina... tell your mama not sacrifice a tree, must save the earth you know :D

I haven't eaten umbut kelapa for a loonggg time, forgot what it tasted like now :(

Cheqna said...

First time eating this dish was when I was at your home up north years ago and not since then I think..its an acquired taste ek? not bad, but its veggie yg "angin" tak?

umbut? mmm love it but like u, havent had it for a lonngggg time too, susah nak dapat kot, limited sacrificing of tree..


p/s, got my sms? okay with d dates?

Cheqna said...

errr..that lamb chops looks yummy, i love lamb chops...they were not from your previous entry?..hehehe...

i amsterdam said...

Heeheehee Cheqna,

The lamb was from the one that got "left behind" the other day hihi...

Yea.. i remember u mentioned never eaten rebung hutan before. Kalau macam tu wedding i tu was the first & only time u ever eaten it!!! That was so loonggg ago :) Kalau sayur manis tu lagi sedapp. Tapi rebung tu kena fresh!! And don't worry dia x angin & x sejuk. Org patang dlm bersalin pun boleh makan.

Nanti i cook for u ehh :D