Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wild Flowers

I am neither artristic nor creative, but still when the mood come, I try to create something special, but the outcome is normally a sad product of what I want them to be :D

Here is some proof of what I tried to create :

Wild flowers


What I actually tried to imitate :D
Fresh flowers from the shop
White, blue and pink

 Aren't they pretty?

Those from the flower shop I mean :D

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jumping Jacks and Jane

While trying to locate pictures of spring flowers and tulips yesterday, I came across these pictures taken in the first week of April 2012, the only evidence of tulips blooming this year.

The quality of the tulips was not very good compared to last year due to a number of reasons, I think :

- I did not cut the flowers and let the leaves be, a process that gives nutrients to the bulbs for the next season.

- I did not dug out the bulbs and keep them in dry place and replant them in the ground come November.

- Frost, snow and freezing weather in February caused the newly sprouted leaves to turn brown.

Still, I enjoy looking at the pictures no matter what, especially the joy on the faces of the children :D


Monday, May 14, 2012

Spring and Tulips

Spring came and gone, but somehow I did not manage to capture the beauty that came with it. No doubt it must be the most gloomest and wettest Spring that I had ever encountered since I was here a few years back. Our tulips in the garden had already flowered and now wilted among the wild grass and bushes that grow wildly in its place. Where were my other spring flowers? Where was I all these time??? Sadly to say, I did not take many pictures this time around. But here is some pictures to remind me of Spring 2012. Hopefully this bright beautiful tulips will enlighten the hearts of some of you outhere, as it did mine.

Purple, red, yellow, orange and white - all from the garden
Ohhh there is a pink one as well !!
Another vase of tulips