Monday, December 27, 2010

Fancy A FEBO Snack?

Walking down the streets of Amsterdam or any major cities in the Netherlands, it is very difficult to miss FEBO. FEBO is actually a Dutch chain of walk-up fast food vending machines. It offers cheap snacks from a wall lined with coin operated machines. The snacks sit inside little metal boxes with transparent doors and under some kind of heating devices. Simply insert coins, open a little window and retrieve the snack of your choice. Snacks sold are typical Dutch food like croquettes(veal or beef), satay croquettes(whatever that is), frikandellen(sausage), bitterballen(dutch meatball), kaassouffle(deep fried cheese pastry) and typical burgers. The food are prepared behind the wall and are regularly stocked.

While waiting for the train to Paris last week, I managed to take pictures of a FEBO at the Rotterdam station. I had been meaning to take photos of it for quite sometime. This is what it looks like...

Very cheap, as low as 1 Euro

Croquette or maybe frikandel

Reading some of the comments on the internet, it's said that the snacks are quite tasty, though may not be the healthiest :D


Cat-in-Sydney said...

Mother of Ilham,
Any cat snack? That's very convenient, eh. purrr....meow!

Nana said...

Wow...that's huge vending machine you have there! Any date of manufacture written? How do we know whether it's freshly baked or not? But from the look of it, it sure looked very tempting!

I amsterdam said...

Dear Cats,

I am not sure they have something fishy, otherwise we would have tried it. We love cat food :D

I amsterdam said...

Nana, I used to think the snacks been there for ages, you know like the chocolate/drinks machines :) But they claim it is regularly stocked, so I suppose it's not yesterday's food.

iina said...

Have u ever tried it?? or is it not halal? Look convenient if u hv to buy snack on the go.. just imagine we have this kind of machine selling karipap.. and any malaysian kuih hahaha that wud be tempting having it at any train station in KL..

I amsterdam said...

Hi iina, welcome to my humble blog :)

No, we've never tried it coz it's not halal. It's very convenient is't it? and very cheap too, some people call it "food on wall" :D

Cheqna said...

should have that at our stations, then tak payah queue panjang2 to buy snacks or kuih muih..hehehe..



I amsterdam said...

Menarik kan...tapi.. bila letak kat Kl, harganya sure jadi mahal, bukan 1 RM :D ,