Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dah February?

Subhanallah, it's February already? What have I been doing in the past month? It seems only yesterday that we came back from our most memorable journey and yet now it's already a new month! Yeah, it's been a quiet month with DH travelling around between the Benelux countries. He was back for a day or two then off again for another 5/6 days. This morning he went off to Brussels again for another 5 days, and he just got back from Antwerp on Monday night !!

But I welcome the quiet time that's been granted to me, Alhamdulillah. With him not around, I just cook simple dish for me and DS and sometimes we just ate whatever leftover from the day before. Luckily DS is not fussy. The extra time I have I try to use it in the beneficial way, finishing the one and only required annual report (which somehow took me days to complete due to my IT incompetence ) and trying my best to increase my ibadah. I try to sleep earlier and wake up earlier too, finding solace in the wee hours of the morning.

So our visitors this morning were a welcome change to the quiet period. They were here to accompany DH for the next few days. Thinking that they might be hungry after the long and tiresome flight, I laboriously cooked nasi lemak with sambal udang in the early hours of the morning. To be honest, I hate do not really like to cook sambal here. When I cook sambal, I tend to put the flame on smaller heat and cook for a long time hoping that no one would get stomachache. But then the smell of it simmering really stink the whole house. I could hear DS and DH sneezing and getting restless in their sleep hehehe. . .

But it's worth it, at the end of the meal I was left with an almost empty bowl of sambal.

Sambal udang

Feeling charitable, I even fried goreng pisang and made samosa to go with the breakfast brunch.

Goreng pisang


It's my third attempt at making samosa, so I'm getting the hang of wrapping it up. I actually made the filling for the samosa and the dough yesterday for my iftar, but then decided there were too many food and so I just wrapped the dough inside a plastic and left it overnight for this morning for the guests.

By 10 a.m. I was ready, the table was set and the food was placed on warmer to keep them warm, but where are they??? Normally the guests arrive latest by 9 ish regardless of whether they are on KLM or MAS flight.


Finally they arrived at 10.30 am. It seemed that there were traffic jam and DH took them on a longer kampung route so they were able to see the less seen Holland's scenic view. By 12 pm, they left for Brussels leaving me in alone again.


Cheqna said...

That's very good of you dear, welcoming them to your house..I'm sure they were very relieved to see all that, hehe..

Ur sambal looks delicious, my stomach is growling..didn't have lunch as I thot I ws not hungry..haha


Karimhanim said...


I pun nak jadi your guest..hehee. The sambal look so delicious..i can imagine eating it.

i amsterdam said...

Dear Cheqna,

I tell you something.. I hardly eat my own sambal, I never get it right !!

i amsterdam said...

Waalaikumsalam Karimhanim,

Tq for visiting us here :D
Hehehe malu pulak, it looks better than it tastes.

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Mother of Ilham,
Unfortunately, Western kitchens are not designed for Asian cooking! Mama said it's hard to get the sambal right when you're using hotplates instead of gas stoves... Jom balik KL, we'll make you sambal lobster. purrr....meow!

i amsterdam said...

Dear Mother Cat,

Huhuhu.. tak sabar ni nak balik M'sia, dapat makan sambal lobster!!!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Wah bahagianya kalau dapat makan breakfast macam tu.

i amsterdam said...

Dear MKG,

Sekali sekala datang mood rajin bolehla... :D