Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam

I did some searching in the remaining computer not taken by the thief, and I was so glad that I found some pictures in there, not many, but at least it was something. Most of the photos were taken by DH but some were taken by me while there were some which were transferred from our friends' cameras. I never knew those pictures were in there, alhamdulillah I found them. But I still mourn the lost of the disk and the pictures inside :(

While going through the pictures, I found this photo taken in Amsterdam on new year day 2011.


I remember that day, we went there with the intention of bringing DS to the Nemo Museum, a science museum. Never did we realise that the museum was closed on a new year day!!! So we ended walking and taking beautiful pictures along the routes that we never did go before. My camera ran out of battery when we reached this place, and I asked DH to take this photo using his camera. That's why I still have this photo :D

This place is not alien to me. I lived in a temporary apartment about 200 meters from that castle looking building for three months. But I never knew what that building was, I searched last night for it but couldn't locate the name, somehow it is not in the map of Amsterdam, not one of the attractions anyway.

Right in front of the building is a square, every Saturday morning there will be a bio market (aka pasar tani) there. All products sold are bio products, so naturally they are more expensive. At one corner of the square (looking at the picture, it's on my right hand) is the Oriental Supermarket where I bought all my asian goodies including "tahu" and "tempe". On the same side, overlooking the canal is the Fish Market (mostly frozen), but it is more of a shop rather than a market. On another side of the square, is an Albert Heinz Supermarket, very convenient. On the left of the picture, on the opposite side of the canal from the Fish Market is a Nyonya Restaurant (Penang born owner). They serve very yummy char-koey-teow.

The place is actually located not 150 meters from the Old Church. One of the streets from behind the "castle" leads you to Chinatown, and behind the Nyonya Restaurant and the "castle", along the smaller canal is the famous Red Light District already !!! Yes, I used to live a single street away from the Red Light District and never realised it until one day we (DS and I) got lost and stumbled upon it !!!

I always like the scene from the bridge with the background of that "castle". On a calm day, the reflection of the "castle" is very clearly seen in the water, simply beautiful.... Depending on the season and the weather, you will get beautiful picture, imagine the trees with yellow and brown leaves.... aarrghh wonderful :D


Abu Ikhlas said...


since I konow that you are addicted to tempe, why not doing it by your own. If you want a recipe i'll be deligted to post you want. If no banana leaves you can wrap with plastic. hehehehehe

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Mother of Ilham,
This photo has become so precious as you had lost all the others. describe macam a Dutch tourism ambassador pulak. Jealous tau...kan ada orang tu dah renew passport..... purrr....meow!

i amsterdam said...

Saudara Abu, you are certainly a man of many skills... tempe pun pandai buat !! Lovely !!

Hmm... teringin juga tempe... senang tak nak buat?? Ehhh.. kalau u ada resepi tahu post la juga...I memang teringin nak belajar buat tahu sebab tahu kan tak tahan lama... lagipun my DH suka makan tahu :D

i amsterdam said...

Dear Angelina

It is indeed precious...

Do not worry Angelina, just hop in Cheqna's bag and follow her.... :D

Abu Ikhlas said...

rendam kacang soya stu malam, lepas tu basuh dan pecahkan sampai terpisah kulit dan terbahagi dua, basuh bersih2, rebus sampai masak, buang air dan sejukan (bentang atas kain), bila dh betul sejuk guna tempe yang dah jadi sebagai ragi(dengan menggaulkan kacang yang dah sejuk tadi dengan tempe ragi/lapisan luar tempe/warana putih/kulat2 gosok pada kacang tadi) lepas tu bungkus dengan daun pisang, 2/3 malam jadi lah tempe tu, PASTIKAN TAK KENA GARAM.. Selamat mencuba..

untuk buat ragi, you chop the tempe to small pieces and let it dry....biar berabuk halus.

Cheqna said...

wahh..siap ada resepi tempe untuk org jauh..hehe..

I.A dear, I know u may not recover the precious memories of yester-days, but lets make new ones together soon, we'll visit all the places..

hehehe...sure penat nak melayan we all :-)

err...ask Angie to lose some weight first, she's having problem fitting into her drawer, what more into my bag..haha


i amsterdam said...

Dear Abu,

I'm confused, nak buat tempe i need tempe ragi, nak buat ragi i need tempe !!?? Please show in your blog & i'll copy :D

i amsterdam said...


Lets and lets !!

And Angieeee... did you hear what Cheqna saiidd ? *in a loud voice*

Anonymous said...

an apartment facing a canal is indeed nice in holland/ or even belgium....good that u still have pictures..sometimes u need to backup photos in a hdd in stall it in a safe deposit or something...hmm

i amsterdam said...


TQ for visiting and welcome to our humble abode :D

Indeed, Amsterdam and Bruge are indeed special.

Hmm.. i'm still learning on the backup & things :D