Friday, February 18, 2011

Tahu Sumbat Ikan

I love to eat "tahu sumbat" during ramadhan, eaten with "kuah kacang" (peanut sauce) or chilly sauce, though my favourite is "kuah kacang". Up north, my family seems to eat a lot of things with "kuah kacang". We eat "cucur udang" (prawn fritters) with "kuah kacang" instead of chilly sauce. But I think in KL, almost everybody serves tahu sumbat and cucur udang with chilly sauce...

Anyway I first ate "tahu sumbat ikan" (I think it was ikan) at an Indonesian friend's house in Amsterdam. Unfortunately dear friend S, didn't know how to make it, she just ordered from her fellow Indonesian friends :D A single triangle piece of tahu costs 1 euro, I thought it was a bit expensive. I ordered 20 pieces once, but after that I decided to make it on my own. Dear friend S told me that I could try using frozen fish paste from Oriental Supermarket, and that she thought people put in salt and maybe a bit of flour.

I experimented a few times, initially I didn't steam the tahu, but I had to fry a bit longer to make sure the paste was cooked. I prefer my tahu lightly fried, so I decided to steam it first. I started adding more ingredients inside. Sometimes I use shredded carrot and also spring onion and parsley leave (chopped). Basically I put those 3 vegetables and of course salt, pepper and garlic(sometimes). Now I use cod fillet instead of the frozen fish paste, it is fresh and taste better (I read that some people use "ikan kembung" back home). The whole family loves it :D

I made this tahu twice last week. Once for the lunch at my friend's house on Saturday and the second time on Tuesday for friends visit.

Ingredients :-

A piece of cod fillet (mix or blend{dry})
Parsley - chopped
Spring onion - chopped
Salt and white and black pepper
2 big pieces of tahu (in Malaysia you need about 10 pieces)
1 egg - beaten lightly for frying
wheat flour

How to make :

  • Cut the big tahu into 5 equal pieces and then cut diagonally into triangles. So, with the 2 big tahu, you will get 20 triangle pieces.
  • Using a small knife, take out the inside of the tahu carefully, creating a pocket. Do not throw the inside, keep them in another bowl and mash finely. Do the same for all of the pieces.
  • Mix the mashed inside tahu with fish and the other ingredients above. You may add a bit of flour if you want (I didn't)
  • Stuff the filling mixture inside the posket
  • Steam for 5 minutes
  • Roll in the beaten egg, then roll in the flour
  • Fry until lightly golden
  • Serve hot with your favourite kuah kacang or chilly sauce

Ready to steam

We sometimes eat with this "ketjap sambal"... found it at the Oriental Supermarket.

Ready to eat...

Also made the vege ones on Tuesday :D

Since the tahu here is so big, it doesn't look so nice when you cut, fry and later stuff it with vegetables. Sometimes the tahu is so soft it is difficult to stuff with the fish mixture, but then the softer the tahu, the better the taste !!!


Cheqna said...

Like u, I love my tahu sumbat (d veggie ones) with kuah kacang, esp, in the month of Ramadhan too, somehow it feels special to have that during that month..great minds eh kita..hehe..

don't think I've tried the fish fillings thou (or may I had and tak perasan langsung..haha) either I'll try to make it myself using ur recipe..

or hoping someone will make it for me soon..hehehe


i amsterdam said...

Dear Cheqna,

It's funny though, I only bought tahu during ramadhan, other times.. I hardly did. Here the tahu is softer, and I like it.

He..he.. hints...hints... :D

Lady Lavender said...

waa..sedaaapnya..saya selalu buat yg veges, never try ikan lagi. Macam nak kena try gak ni :-). Selalunya dipped dgn chilli sauce.

i amsterdam said...

Lady Lavender,

Do try it. If you like tahu, you will definitely like it :D

Bangchik said...

You made it so lovely... kakdah will serve it with sambal kacang...

i amsterdam said...


TQ, I'm sure Kakdah makes better ones :D

But the taste is great no matter how it looks :D

Aishah said...

Ter! ghi! ngin!

i amsterdam said...

Hahaha Aishah !!

TK said...

Wah nampak sedap tauhu sumbat ikan tu.
Tahu sumbat ikan ni macam Batagor kat Bandung. I mmg dr kecik suka makan tauhu tapi since duduk pantai timur ni dah kurang makan. In the East Coast tauhu is not that popular.

Ein Auzai'y said...

sedapnyer....sedap sungguh....

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Mother of Ilham,
Your story of tahu sumbat ikan makes me crave for, of all things, yong taufu!!!! Pernah try tahu bakar? oooohhhh la la.... purrr....meow!

i amsterdam said...


Tahu banyak kat utara.. yg tak ada tempe!!!

i amsterdam said...

TK.. kat utara kami panggil tokua (bunyi sengau sikit hihihi)

i amsterdam said...

Hi Ain!

Sedap..sedap he..he.. cuba..cuba... :D

i amsterdam said...

Dear Mama Cats!!

Now you give me the idea!!! I always have extra fish paste whenever I make tahu sumbat. Before this I turned them into fishball... now I think I should stuff them into "bendi" and "terung". Wauu.. that would be yong taufu!!

I loveee tahu bakar!!! There used to be a stall at pasar ramadhan in Bdr Sri Damansara(in front of the RHB bank) selling yummy tahu bakar. The sambal kicap was so great!! But I did not see them anymore in the last few years I was there!!

Komichan said...

It looks yummy!
What is tafu? It's not tofu, right?

i amsterdam said...

Dear Komichan,

Tahu is a type of tofu or bean curd made from soy milk(i think) :D

In my country it is sold in smaller qubes about 2.5 inch by 2.5 inch and 1 inch thick. But here it is sold in big rectangular about the size 2.5 inch by 2.5 inch and 6 inches long.

Japanese tofu is much softer :D

Komichan said...

Wow! It is surprising to know that there exists different type of Tofu outside of Japan! If I have a chance I want to try someday:)

Abu Ikhlas said...


sedapnye......nak kena cuba nih....

i amsterdam said...

Dear AbuIkhlas,

Cubala... :D Sekeping cod fillet tu sebenarnya boleh buat 2 kali. Kalau guna 1/2 filet, nampak sikit sangat buat kotor mixer je.