Monday, January 16, 2012

Saturday's Dinner - Chicken Lasagne

DH was away for 3 days since Friday, off somewhere in Belgium. While he was away, I decided to try and make lasagne for the first time in my life. Why didn't I make it while DH was around? Well. . .  I'm such a good wife you see. On the rare occasions that I cook pasta dishes, I have to make another dish for DH who is not that fond of it, ohhh he eats them no doubt, but he still craves for that something extra. So, being a "good" wife, I hate "love" these extra cooking. . .  I believe in simple life and simple food. I cook only 1 dish and 1 vegetable dish everyday, sometimes I even combine them in 1 dish hehehe. . .  So to avoid the extra cooking, I cook sphagetti/pasta only when DH is not around, ohh don't worry about him, he would rather have mee goreng anytime.

DS and I love Italian food, but this was my first try at making lasagne. We got this packet of lasagne pasta from our host when we went to Milan last October.

Lasagne pieces

I used 4 pieces of them. Put the pasta in boiling water for 10/12 minutes.

And I used the following packet for the white/cheese sauce. Bought it here in Holland.

Dissolve 1 packet of the sauce mix in 500 ml of milk. I used 400 ml of milk only, so the sauce was a bit thicker. Next time, I will make my own cheese sauce . . .

And the meat sauce? I made my own. . .

Topped with lots of cheese
I don't have the right lasagne dish, but never mind. . . just used whatever I had :D

After 25 minutes of baking...

Hmmm yummy....

Ingredients for the meat sauce :

200g minced chicken
2 garlics - pounded
1 onion - cubed
2 tomatoes - cubed
1/2 cup of tomato puree
1 teaspoon of dried chilli
salt and black pepper
4 big button mushroom - cubed
4 pieces of asparagus - cubed
a bit of courgette - sliced in 4

Methods :

- Saute garlic and onion, add in the minced chicken
- Add in salt, black pepper and dried chilli.
- Add in tomatoes until soften, add in the puree.
- Add in the vegetables

Oh ya . . .  we saved a big piece for DH :D


Abu Ikhlas said...

I love lasagne too. I made them before and taught my wife. I think she has forgotten. You can try asam pedas as a meat was quite ok when I usedastolar it for pizza....hehehe

Cheqna said...

I love lasagne (or my friends said.."lazatnya" when they asked me to do it last time..hehe)

Been a while since I made or eat one..need to look after the "shape" of my body..haha..

i amsterdam said...

Saudara M Nor, u r creative!! Asam pedas lasagne, maybe i'll try one day.

i amsterdam said...

Dear Cheqna, it's easy rupanya... i wonder why i never tried it before. Hmmm "lazatnya" hahahaa

Treat and Trick said...

Totally delicious and you'd made it perfectly! Thanks so much for stopping by and joining in my blog, would appreciate your feedback once you have tried my recipe...

i amsterdam said...

Hi TreatnTrick,

Welcome to my blog, yes I tried it and its delicious !! TQ It's definitely a keeper. Will make again soon.

Azrey Rozie Eiman said...


i amsterdam said...

Azrey Rozie Eiman,

Sedapp :D